Our Speakers

Margit Slimáková

A renowned expert on health prevention and nutrition. She graduated in pharmacy as well as dietology (in the USA) and has completed a great number of certified courses. Margit publishes, teaches and promotes healthy eating at schools on a regular basis. She works with approved information from all fields of medicine and is the author of diet recommendations such as Healthy Plate and a website offering a blog, an encyclopedia and a first aid when dealing with health problems. In the blog Aktuálně.cz she starts a discussion concerning health prevention and politics. Margit was born in the South Moravia, for a longer time lived in Germany and China and now lives with her family in Prague. Everything healthy that she recommends is proved by a study or in practice and successfully tested on her husband and three children. Margit strongly believes that the basis of a healthy life is not pharmacotherapy but quality food and healthy life style as well as a good mood.
Reduta Theatre, Brno