9:00 Registration

10:00 Introduction

10:15 Responsible Health  

Margit SlimákováHealthy plate

Josef KuřeMan of a future city

Barry SchwartzThe paradox of choice (TED Talk)

Radka Peterová: Community based air pollution measurements

David KuklaWhy do we stand dictating our menu from multinational companies?

Kateřina Honzírek HanzlíkováHere and now

Ivo MožnýWhat do we know about old age?


Lunch break


13:30 Responsible City

Alena JančíkováVozejk map & Simulante bande

Jaromír Marušinec: Our children's car will be the electric one

Jason FriedWhy work doesn't happen at work (TED Talk)

David GrundConsciousness Inc.

Gabriela VermelhoVoice & Strings

Osamu Okamura: To Whom Does the City Belong? Architecture, Res Publica...




16:15 Responsible Alternatives

Agata HofmanNew model of education – Kid-Run Universities

Pavel FrancUpholding our rights and freedoms

Susan CainThe power of introverts (TED Talk)

Denisa KeraPhilosopher with a prototype

Marek Orko VáchaStory of a human

Jakub FollSlam


18:00 Informal networking & buffet


Reduta Theatre, Brno