Our Speakers

Jaromír Marušinec

Director of the Computer and Information Services Centre at the Brno University of Technology, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CESNET and member of the EUNIS.CZ. He took his first degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and did his PhD at the Faculty of Information Technology with research on artificial life in virtual reality space. He studied for his MBA at the Faculty of Business and Management. Although informatics and networks are his job as well as a source of enjoyment, he believes that the future of clean transport and energy independence is Electromobility. In Electromobility, fields such as electrical engineering, computer science, transportation, civil engineering, economics and the environment and multi-engineering come together in a vision of multi-engineering. This led him to found the Czech Electric Car Industry Association (ASEP.CZ), of which he is currently the Chairman. He was the father of the full electric car Superbel.cz, based on a Skoda Superb II platform, with which he participated in the WAVE Tour 2011 electric car race – 3000 km from Paris to Prague. He organizes the Czech Silent Way race and the Czech Electric Car of the Year competition. At the present time he is working on a solar boat, SunRiver, and is an advisor for the Zetor firm in the development of a real tractor run on batteries.
Reduta Theatre, Brno