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Kateřina Honzírek Hanzlíková

Dancer, performer, dance teacher and choreographer, Kateřina Honzírek Hanzlíková got to ballet through modern gymnastics and currently dances in various dance groups in Brno. Since 2010, Kateřina has been in charge of a group of dancers from the dance studio Cyranovy boty, where she is a choreographer. She works on her solo projets as well and cooperates on various theatrical performances in Brno. In 2010 Kateřina founded the civic association Bezmezí (Nolimits) dealing with integration of disabled and socially disadvantaged people into society through experience seminars. Kateřina has always been amazed by the world of dance improvisation which she likes to examine and explore in person.
Reduta Theatre, Brno