Our Speakers

Alena Jančíková

At the age of 17, I fell off a tree, injured my spinal cord and became paralyzed. Since then I have only been able to "walk" with a wheelchair. After the accident I "survived" living in a small town in the mountains for ten years. Although one usually likes one’s birthplace, it is very hard for a wheelchair user to look for an occupation and seek fulfilment of one’s dreams. As webmaster of the Bruntál municipality I developed a state-funded disabled access to institutions project, Mobility For All. In 2007 I became a sports coordinator for people who had injuries of the spine and moved to Prague. As Director of the Czech Paraplegics Association – CZEPA – I can draw on my experience. I know what people in wheelchairs are missing in the outlying parts of the country. Therefore we implement projects such as VozejkMap or Vozejkov. Through Simulante bande dance performance, mono skiing and motor quad I am fulfilling my life like before that fatal second.
Reduta Theatre, Brno