Reduta Theatre, Zelný trh 4, Brno

A progressive stage of the National Theatre in Brno is housed in the oldest theater building in Central Europe that combines tradition with contemporary theater, history with the present. The repertoire consists mainly of Czech premieres of drama, opera and ballet, and progressive directors are invited for cooperation. Since 2005, Reduta Theatre has been led by artistic director Petr Štědroň and dramaturg Dora Viceníková. Dramaturgy relies significantly on dramatization, originally non-theatrical texts (such as the Voskovec and Werich Correspondence, Ouředník’s Europeana and Dance Hall Station by Dodo Gombár) and contemporary drama.

In the fall, Reduta Theatre hosts the annual Redfest festival, which presents domestic and foreign chamber drama productions and a multi-genre evening of Masquerade Ball or Mozart in Reduta in late January, which presents Mozart in various designs from art installations to concerts, to DJ's, to operatic arias. Exhibitions, concerts, lectures, etc. are also among regular activities at Reduta Theatre

A critic wrote about the Reduta Theatre: "Reduta is featured in the theatrical map of Brno as an absinthe bar serving really strong drinks. Not everyone can tolerate them, but many are seek them. It is not for snobs and pampered individuals, spoiled by soft drinks and gateaux of sentimental and / or simple comedy. But whoever wants emotional shaking should get a subscription in Reduta." Critic Jan Němec described Reduta as follows: "the oldest theater building in Central Europe as well as the most progressive theater in Brno ".

  • Alfréd Radok Awards for 2010. Reduta Theatre had 9 nominations in total, all for the V+W Correspondence and Elementary Particles productions.
  • Sazka and Divadelní noviny Awards. Production of 2010 – 5.-6. Place, V+W Correspondence, Divadlo Reduta
  • Divadelní noviny Success Of the Month. November 2010 – V+W Correspondence, Divadlo Reduta
  • The Board of the Czech Literary Fund Foundation awarded their Annual Prize in theater and radio to Jan Mikulášek for directing the Correspondence V + W production.

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Divadlo Reduta, Brno